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Note: Marvel owns Wolverine, Capcom owns Morrigan, and I own a pair of comfortable shoes. That's all. Enjoy the rest of this!

Logan sat in a dark corner of the of the night club, perfectly content to just sit there and drink all night. It was nice and loud inside, and the X-Man was a regular. A perfect night to get drunk- if it were possible.

It wasn't until the stroke of midnight that his nose began to work overtime, his senses sharpening to impending danger. He sighed; he didn't come looking for trouble. After the recent trouble with Galactus, saving two worlds at danger...Logan was simply tired, exhausted to the bone.

He realized close to closing time that it was one of the cage dancers that was attracting his attention. Though her long hair was blonde and her eyes blue, there were just certain things you couldn't hide from Logan's nose- and the fact that the woman was far from human did not escape him one bit. Her scent was familiar, and she definitely caught his eye, her slender frame gyrating to the music.

Logan took his eyes of the woman long enough to finish the last of his beer. When he looked at the cage again, it was empty. The scent of the woman was stronger, and he cut his eyes to the booth just in time to see her sliding in just across from him. Her smile was predatory, and Logan's eyes followed the upwards tilt of her sultry lips. He sighed again; he looked from the empty bottle back to the blond, and back again. Her fingers played with the only button done up on her shirt, the only thing really protecting her modesty.

Not, Logan thought, that she cared so much for modesty.

“We're gonna do this, ain't we?” Logan drawled in his gruff voice.

The woman shrugged. “Not unless you want to take me back to your place.”

“Hell no. Fine, let's get this over with.”

Her smile was pleasant enough, but her hand grasped the table and flung it away, closing the short distance between them. Logan tensed, the claws hidden inside his forearms popping out with an almost silent snikt. In return, a pair of wings sprouted from the woman's back, the edges of them razor sharp. They met Logan's claws with a heavy, metallic clang.

Adamantium,” the woman said, her blond hair fading into a dark green, “The strongest metal on Earth. I've always thought it looked kind of cute on you, Logan."

He narrowed his eyes as the woman pulled away from him, breaking their impasse. As her white shirt and hip-hugging leather pants transformed into a form-fitting outfit that covered her ample cleavage and slender frame with bat shapes, he remembered her. He knew she was some kind of succubus, and seen her soul-sucking powers firsthand.

Morrigan,” Logan growled. “How in blazes did you get here?”

He crouched, springing into the air after her. It was almost no use, though- with her wings, she easily outmaneuvered the short hairy man and sliced into his side as her wings elongated into long spikes that jabbed him on his way down.

That was all it took, really. People began to scream and run away from the fight. Tables were tossed aside, and the door crammed with bodies eager to escape. As Logan pulled himself out of a ruined stage, he realized that he and Morrigan were largely alone.

Who said I ever really left, handsome? I was looking for you.”

Well, you found me."

Logan jumped from the busted stage to the wall, and Morrigan swooped in, her sharp nails slashing red marks across his back. He paid it no mind as he used his momentum to plant himself on the wall, turn, and leap straight at the succubus, claws aching for blood. Gasping, Morrigan flew backwards, part of her wings forming a jetpack that jettisoned her backwards, nearly out of the Wolverine's reach...but not quite.

Unyielding claws met demonic flesh, and dug into the muscle underneath. Morrigan grunted with the pleasure of her pain, grabbed Logan's wrists, and flung him down towards the dancefloor. He landed on his feet and launched himself at her again, his claws glancing off one of her wings. It was enough leverage for him to reach up and bury his right set of claws into the right side of her chest. She cried out, and Logan wasn't really sure if he was hurting her or just egging her on.

They tumbled to the ground together, landing in a heap on the dance floor.

Gut ya like a fish,” Logan mumbled, his other set of claws jabbing towards Morrigan's stomach. Instead, she yanked his claws out of her chest with inhuman strength, and kicked upwards. Her foot connected with his jaw, and he was sent flying backwards even as she defied gravity by flipping backwards and back onto her feet. She gathered her energy and thrust her hand out, firing off a flaming skull at Logan. He saw it, and ducked underneath it. He heard it crash into a wall and destroy it. It wasn't so long ago that he had felt its sting- indeed, this was not their first encounter.

Morrigan rushed in, aided by her wings/jets, and blocked his claws with her own, using them to dig into his shoulders. Her jets shot her into the air, and her knee would have shattered his jaw had it not been adamantium. Logan staggered backwards as his eyes watered, but he had long ago learned to trust his nose and his instincts. He surged ahead, his claws slashing the air in front of him. His claws raked the flesh of her ribs, and Morrigan embraced him. The organic jets on her back careened the both of them into the mirror above the bar, and they both fell down behind it. Logan landed on top of her, and Morrigan gave him a sly grin. He raised his claws; she giggled.

Lady, I don't know what your game is--” Logan started, but was cut off.

Morrigan reached behind his head and grabbed his dark hair, her lips suddenly finding his. He tried to push her away, but she clung to him. They rolled end over end until Morrigan was on top, and her nails shredded Logan's red plaid shirt, and she took pleasure in watching her nails dig into his flesh, only to heal up a moment later.

Oh, but I think you do,” Morrigan replied, her grin sinister. “I'm here to finish what we've started. Don't worry, Logan- I won't be gentle...”

Logan sighed. “Ah, what the hell...” he said to himself.

Lamplighter1968 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
Nice pace and well-written action scenes!
Looking forward to seeing where this goes.
archangelveruk Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014

Thanks! It may not be soon, but I'm looking forward to it, too! :)

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